Scout AVL - The Style Edit.

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We'll Work With You To Cleanse Your Closet And Create A New Balance To Your Wardrobe.
3 HOURS / $180
A closet walk-through designed for the ultimate edit. Purge out-of-date, exhausted items, and those guilty purchases. Learn how to store, what to consign, and when to alter items. Receive a general shopping list of missing wardrobe basics.
3 HOURS / $180
Within your current closet, try on looks you love and create new ones with your stylist. Create balance in your wardrobe so that it's work and weekend ready - or customized to your lifestyle needs. Create an average of 3-4 styles/hour, including photography references. Receive a general shopping list of missing wardrobe basics and begin a wish list. 
$50 / HOUR
Tackle your shopping lists with online links sent to you directly from your stylist or send us on a mission to Asheville's best boutiques to find you something in a pinch. 
$60 / HOUR
Identify a full look for your big event: hair, makeup, attire & accessories. We will put looks together and recommend pros for beauty services. This package is also suitable for headshots, business website updates, and commercial styling. 
$60 / HOUR
Let us pack for you! Where are you going and how fabulous do you need to look? Outfits will be photographed, folded, and packed. Keep it light: the least number of pieces for optimal outfitting is our goal. And never forget socks and undies again! 
Monday thru Thursday - 8 am - 8 pm
Sunday - Post Brunch, please. 
Duo deal - Receive a 20% discount on all services when we tackle two closets in your home! 
Earn a FREE HOUR for yourself each time you gift the Professional Closet Cleanse or Personal Stylist Package or when sending us a referral that purchases a package.